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Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth Sunday Masters
I so desperately want a Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth final round pairing, both pulling away from the field, and finding themselves in a playoff. Please, let it be so!
LeBron James - NBA Finals
I wish no harm upon anyone, I genuinely mean it...but think of the story LeBron creates having to ONCE AGAIN carry a team without any support around him bc of injuries or whatever else lol... to an NBA Ring. I just love LeBron so much.
Ohio State v. Clemson - NCAA Football Playoffs
Ohio St has never beaten Clemson and the past few years have been embarrassing. I want redemption this season.
Bayern Munich Repeats
OVER LIVERPOOL in Champions League! Look my brother is a huge Liverpool fan, so this one is for sibling rivalry. Put the last 2 champs in the ring and let them go at it.
Clemens and Bonds get their HOF Call
Im ready to move past the steroids era - these two GOATs NEED to get it in. Only 2 years left on the ballot - MLB dont screw this up.