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Holiday Blend - Devocion
This one is expensive, its the "splurge" coffee buy of the season, but goodness is this worth it. I am a huge fan of Devocion in general but its this roast that has me in awe of what they can do. Spicy and sweet, well balanced, a little apple thrown in. Love this. I want to say this was their first holiday release ever, and if that's true, they NAILED IT.
Holiday Blend - Verve Coffee Roasters
I ECHO (see what I did there) Glen with putting Verve's Holiday Blend in the Top 5. First, Verve is a world-class roaster and this holiday blend is terrific. Right there around a medium roast, a little cinnamon and some nice sweetness make this a must-have.
Holiday Blend - Cafe Virtuoso
An organic blend from a roaster down in San Diego, CA. Notes of Baking spices and brown sugar lead this tasty holiday cup.
Drift, A Winter Blend - Sunergos Coffee
I actually discovered Sunergos Coffee on a Happy Goat list and have already made several orders from their shop. I found there Winter/holiday blend to be a great combination of that brown sugar sweetness with a touch of I want to say stone fruit. Highly recommend giving this a run this holiday season.
Holiday Fusion - Madcap Coffee
An anchor in Grand Rapids, MI I discovered Madcap a few years back. I had their holiday bland for the first time this season and its just an overall really delicious cup of coffee.