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Lobster Roll - Azuki Sushi (Hillcrest)
Honestly not just my favorite thing to eat in SD, but is a strong contender for favorite thing all time! www.azukisushi.com/ @ 2321 5th Ave San Diego, CA 92101
Yakiniku Ramen (Black Edition) - RakiRaki Ramen (Point Loma)
This bowl of ramen just does it for me. Happy every time. www.rakirakiramen.com/
Filet Mignon Taco - Lola55 (East Village)
Cant believe the amount of flavor this taco brings. Its absolutely perfect. lola55.com/
Korean Fried Chicken Wings - Chikos (Encinitas)
Look, I think this spot started out east (D.C.???) ...Made its way out west and, boom! Soooo good! Highly recommend https://www.chikoca.com/
Focaccia de Recco - Davanti Enoteca (Little Italy)
If you have not grabbed this appetizer, get moving. This thing is nuts and perfectly done! www.davantienoteca.com/