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JaMarcus Russell
JaMarcus Russell is without a doubt the worst QB taken in a draft through his career were story of him eating burgers while watching film to missing meetings and the only cool thing we ever heard about him was that he could throw a football on one knee the length of the field
Joey Harrington
Harrington is my number 2 He was suppose to be the savior of the Lions and like many of the QBs they have drafted he wasn't everyone expected him to win Super Bowls and be an All-Timer but he was far from that
Matt Leinart
Listen I'm a Cardinals Fan and was so excited about this pick I thought we had finally got a QB but I like many Cardinal Fans was wrong Leinart spent his career behind one of the best Kurt Warner and also spent his Saturday Nights not in the Film Room but in the hot tub
Johnny Manziel
When you get drafted by Cleveland you rant given much of a shot but when you get draft by Cleveland and do you money signal walking out on stage the Fans at that should have known he was only in this business for the money
Brady Quinn
I don't want to pile on but Quinn was suppose to be much better then anyone else the Browns had picked at that point being a better Game Manager but Quinn just got hit to much to often but I will say this I think he is a much better Announcer then he ever was Player