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Azuki Sushi - North Park
Because I've literally never had more enjoyable meals in my life. You MUST start with the Sunshine, experience the Kobe and be sure to finish with a Chu-toro nigiri for dessert. Pour that sake until it overflows, my friend...
Del Frisco's Double Eagle - Downtown
The steaks are ridiculous. But, if you want to have something that changes your life forever? Treat yourself to the Royal Tokaji dessert wine tasting experience.
TJ Tacos - Escondido
Because there is almost nothing as amazing as the Adobado tacos that this place makes. It is the classic hole-in-the-wall looking place that will change your life.
Herb & Wood - Little Italy
Sure, it has a famous chef and that is a good start, but the ambiance and overall cuisine is just ridiculous. The venison is insane and you can also get pours of incredibly hard-to-find whiskey here that is sure the elevate the experience.
Campfire - Carlsbad
Because this place is like legitimately a craft kitchen. They infuse exploratory ingredients into international dishes in a way that is taking "fusion" to the next level. It's a wonderful place that you must go.