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Russel Westbrook MVP
Not my favorite player but a player that has proved he can win this award. AVERAGES a triple double. At 60-1 I love the value
Washington Wizards
I’m taking the OVER at 32.5 Are they really projected to be under 500? They play enough bad teams and with two stars I just can’t imagine they don’t do better than this. I would have guessed them to be at 38. All day I’d take this
The line is at 9-1. I think they win the East one outa 4 times. Good value to my long shot favs
Nuggets UNDER 44.5
Every year a few teams take steps back. They are my guess to do so. 40/32 feels right for them.
Golden State Warriors OVER 36.5
In Steph I believe. Kerr doesn’t like losing. Klay being hurt sucks but I still think them plus 500