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Until We Have Faces
Genre: Fiction---This retelling of an old myth deeply drives at the "why" and the "how" of transformation. Lewis retells the story Psyche and her sisters. He delves deeply into human selfishness, misplaced loved, and finally the transformation necessary to view the gods.
The Weight of Glory
The first chapter of the Weight of Glory is the most life giving chapter I have ever read. I can remember reading it, where I was (on the max in Portland), how it felt. The other chapters have taught me as well (especially the Inner Ring).
The Silver Chair
Three times I have read this book aloud to my children. Puddleglum is my favorite Narnian. Michael Ward's book Planet Narnia influenced my love for this particular Narnian book. The reality is I feel lost like Jill most of the book and then feel at home when it ends.
The Screwtape Letters
This book is written from a demonic perspective looking at a normal Christian. The book's twisted look at world shows me how often I become as selfish as a demon. Favorite chapter in the book is when the demon discovers the Christian girlfriend.
Mere Christianity
I have read this more than any book. Reminds me of clear evidence on which a God exists. Reminds me about my own pride and need to have others focused humility. Reminds me every time I pray the whole of the Trinity is involved.