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Buffalo vs Tennessee
The Bills vs Titans should be a great game with Josh Allen playing like an MVP he has the Bills going but can the Titans get back to there Playoff form last year this is a telling game
Los Angeles vs New Orleans
This game is about seeing a young QB (Justing Herbert) vs the savvy veteran (Drew Brees) I think a lot of yards are going to be put up in this game with Herbert trying to do anything to be Brees and Brees finally getting back to what made him a future HoF
Tampa Bay vs Chicago
The Thursday night Matchup should be a intriguing because we have the Bucs playing out of there minds and the Bears just hoping that a QB falls into there laps but it won't because this game is about the Bucs offense vs the Bears Defense that's what I'm watching for
Las Vegas vs Kansas City
4 and 5 were hard to decide but I think if you love football anytime you get a matchup of great head coaches it should make for a great game, plus who doesn't want to watch Patrick Mahomes
New York vs Dallas
Are you surprised I was when I started looking at the games this there were better games but this is a rivalry and you have to love those plus if New York beats Dallas Stephen A. Smith will just have way to much fun with that