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LA Rams vs Maimi
Its Tua Time!!!!! (Arnold Voice) but really you got to feel bad for Tua here because he is going against one of the best Defense in the NFL to start his career why did Miami do this to him maybe they know more then or maybe its Miami being Miami
Pittsburgh vs Baltimore
Will Lamar be able to take over and destroy this Defense or will the Steelers make Lamar look like they figured him out like they have everyone else should make for a great game also this should be number 1 this week but Im more excited about seeing Tua Start
Minnesota vs Green Bay
Whenever these two get together it always makes for a great game with Rodgers trying to show more MVP highlights and Minnesota trying to hang on this game will be exciting to watch
San Francisco vs Seattle
the Seahawks need a bounce back win here vs the 49ers or can the 49ers capitalize on the hangover that Seattle might have with there loss vs Arizona last week
Atlanta vs Carolina
Ok hear me out this game is in my Top 5 because of one reason both ownership groups want to lose for either Lawrence or Fields so who will come up with the loss Im hoping for a funny game of both teams trying not to score