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National Lampoon Christmas Vacation
This is my absolute favorite Christmas movie Chevy Chase is amazingly funny and it is a very quotable movie
The Santa Clause
This movie is another classic in my mind and Tim Allen is by far the best Santa that has ever been on the big screen (yeah I said it)
Die Hard
Yes I know people don’t think this is a Christmas movie but guess what you are wrong because it is! Is this the best Fie Hard movie of the Franchise I think so and watch and tell me how it isn’t a Christmas Movie
Jingle All The Way
Is this movie to blame for a lot of parents acting crazy on Black Friday yes but this movie does teach us an important lesson but your toys early if you absolutely need to have them under your tree because it’s Turbo Time
Ok so here it is Elf I had to put it my list somewhere but I got to say I don’t love this movie like everyone else does but it does deserve to be on the list and yes I’m trying to love it more and more and it has grown on me