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Cardamom Rose Latte - Berdena's Fine Coffee & Food
Overall, they have some of the best lattes I've had. This Cardamom Latte is still coffee-forward with really nice, subtle hints of the cardamom/rose combo. This is an Easy Top 5 Coffee drink for me.
Tres Leches Latte - Deseo Coffee Shack
Sweeter coffee drinks are usually not what I prefer, but I'll make an exception for this one. Yes its sweet, but its not super overwhelming. I still very much get the espresso with each sip. This is one delicious latte.
Dirty Pumpkin Chai - Gypsy Cup
Chai! I know, I know; but with the added shot, my goodness this thing amazing. My guess is this drink is seasonal, so hurry to get a taste. The amount of pumpkin here is perfect.
Southwest Sunrise - PROVISION
My super fancy drink on the list, HA. But come on: a little nitro cold brew, some mole bitters, some syrup, a hint of orange. I'm ALL IN and you should be too!