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The Ridge Trails
There are so many hikes along the two mountain ranges on Oahu. On the south side of Oahu - there are quite a few ridge trails that will get you to the top of the mountain. The Hawaii Loa Ridge and the Kuliouou Ridge are two that I’ll share that provide spectacular views.
Malaekahana Beach
It’s a beach up at the North Shore. It’s definitely not a tourist spot. There is an island that you can walk to - Goat Island which is a bird sanctuary. Hardly see tourists there.
The Toilet Bowl
It’s a natural bowl on the east side of Oahu. It fills up with water with the tide and “flushes” as the tide goes out. Kinda fun and kinda dangerous. I haven’t been in years and I read that it’s now closed off, but it’s just another spot you don’t hear about unless you know.
Tamashiros Market
Has got some of the best poke on the island. Easy to find - in town. Not gonna tell you about some of the other local spots, but I’ll tell you about this one.
Kalihi Ice Ponds
Definitely not a tourist spot at all. It’s a closed trail that brings you to some cool mountain water and a waterfall. Dive into some cool water. You’ll have to go through a fence that says “kapu,” and I’ll let you figure out what it means.