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Chiefs vs Ravens
Easy choice for the number one spot and even more important being MNF this week excited for this high scoring game!
Rams vs Bills
Maybe a surprise but this is a big game for both teams with the Bills trying to take the edge on the division and the Rams needing to stay on track for the NFC West big game for both teams.
Packers vs Saints
With the Saints losing MNF they are going to come out firing against the Packers so can the Packers keep there hot streak going should be a great game
Cowboys vs Seahawks
Ok with the crazy Dallas game in Week 2 we find out if they are for real or they are not that great (cough) (not that great) (cough) I think Seattle is the prefect team to see if you actually are for real or not
Lions vs Cardinals
Ok I’m a Cardinals fan but my real interest here is to see what Kyler Murray will do I think he’s the most exciting player in NFL right now and will the hot streak continue is of great interest to not just me but I think everyone