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Old Man and the Sea
-Ernest Hemingway. A man. The Ocean. A discovery of self.
13 1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear
-Walter Moers. A fantastic journey through the land of Zomania. From Ghouls, to Gourmet Island to the theater of lies, follow Bluebear as he shares the first 13 and 1/2 of his 27 lives.
The Lorax
-Dr. Suess. A simple story beautifully written as a man finds everything he wants, throws it away for what he hopes to have and rediscovers the perfect world as it is. It starts with you.
The Giver
-Lois Lowry. A dystopian future where along with pain, suffering and death, individualism has also ceased to exist. Jonas, the new holder of memories, discovers what everyone else has missed.
Enders Game
-Orson Scott Card. The brightest minds of the children of the world are brought together to study and learn and become the majors and generals of the war that is to come. One student among them all stands out. Young, little, a third, named Andrew “ender” wiggins. This is his tale